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IME Guards was started with one simple mantra; Protect the Plaintiffs. 

In a fair world, IME physicians would be selected by a judge and give unbiased and truly independent opinions without worrying about pleasing their clients, the defense firm. In reality, IME physicians are often highly motivated to give opinions that please the defense firms who hire them. IME Guards protect against this abuse. 

Our mission at IME Guards is to balance the scales of justice and do exactly what you would do were you to attend the IME. 

Our patient representatives are well qualified and trained to witness IMEs, prevent claimants from being deposed by IME physicians and ensure plaintiff attorneys have an independent record of what transpired in the event that the IME physician's report is inaccurate. 

Don't send your client to an IME unprotected

We are currently only available in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and parts of New Jersey.

If we cannot cover you today, please check back soon as we are always expanding to new areas. 


  • Explain to your client in detail what to expect before the exam; 

  • Accompany and help clients navigate IMEs;

  • Ensure your client only fills out appropriate paperwork; 

  • Prevent inappropriate questions being answered or inappropriate tests being performed; 

  • Take detailed notes on all questions, responses, tests, instruments used and not used, length of intake/exam/wait etc; 

  • Promptly provide you a detailed report; 

  • Testify or sign an affidavit if there is a disparity between IME physician and Guard reports; and 

  • Translate to Spanish (or many other languages upon reasonable notice) if there is no interpreter present. 

If you're interested, you can book an appointment on the calendar below or give us a call at 1-833-463-2883​


Pricing Schedule

$179.00 for the first hour / $45.00 for each subsequent half hour

Report included in price

IME Guards cap total IME cost at 2 hours

Cap does not include Neurophychological or Vocational Rehab IMEs

Billing starts 15 minutes before appointment schedule time and continues until IME ends

Funding can be available

Additional Travel Costs May Apply

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